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About Hi&Bestech Company


Hi & Bestech Company was established in Taiwan in year 2001.
Hi & Bestech company is a fully-owned Taiwan entity. Our sales network covers the Asia Pacific region, the European market, as well as the North&South American markets.


We are most qualified for design, prototyping, programming and testing of MCU based circuits for high volume manufacturing with the following talents:

- at least 13 years design experience

- Schematic capture, board lay-out and Gerber file generation experience

- MCU based design experience [Microchip, Atmel, TI, etc.]

- Serial memory device protocols [I 2C , Microwire, 1-wire, RFID]

- Data encoding and encryption techniques

- System and board level reverse engineering abilities

- IC micro probing experience

- Proficient in assembly, C and MS Office applications

- Familiar with laser and ink jet printing technologies as we are an inkjet & toner man

- Adept at surface mount assembly prototyping and debugging

Research & Development

HI & BESTECH is based on our initial investments in IC design where it created its original design team, and in the interim period where it has accumulated an extensive array of experience, intellectual properties and patents, as well as the support of many foundries, packaging and testing facilities ,a result our company is able to provide our customers with the following advantages:
- Device quality excellence including high noise immunity and ESD protection
- Extremely short lead times
- Good price/ function ratio
- technical service and support
- Flexible ASSP and ASIC MCU development service
- Availability of professional testing tools
We could do smart chip ASIC development for customers' special requirements.


All products are 100% tested by a real printer or emulator prior to introduction, packaging and shipment. In many cases, we have to design and build our own test equipment to deal with the volumes while maintaining the quality and consistency.

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